Carers Victoria, Anglicare and many group organisations have recently learned about the wonderful cottages available for carer respite or educational workshops on the farm owned by Elizabeth Byrne.

From her experiences as a physiotherapist over many years and through her own journey, Elizabeth is aware of how important having a break is for carers health and wellbeing. She is also aware of how difficult it can be to find something suitable and to afford it.
Therefore, Elizabeth has decided to create a retreat on her property, which she lets out at a discounted rate to carers groups, individual families, and care recipient/workers groups (and also on a commercial basis through Mornington Peninsula Tourism). To date most carers have
accessed the retreat through mental health workers or organizations, but Elizabeth is keen for other carers to also have access to this respite opportunity.

Carers individually, in groups or as a family (with or without the person they support) can rent a cottage for a day, a weekend, a week or longer. They can cater for themselves or have Elizabeth provide meals (at a slightly increased cost). The farm provides opportunities for “doing nothing” in a beautiful setting, gentle exercise or more vigorous activities. The cottage also has a gym, which can be used for relaxation, exercise discussions or fun activities either informally by carers themselves or organized by Elizabeth and her colleague Des (also a carer). Massage and an empathetic ear can be an added bonus.